How we run our tours



– All our tours are conducted by someone with profound knowledge of Hawaii. We will talk about several aspects of Hawaii: culture, nature, daily life, amenities, curiosities… It will be a huge pleasure to share with you information about a place we love so much!

– We offer two types of tours: pre-planned tours and custom-made tours. On pre-planned tours, the route is established and will cover some of the best points Hawaiʻi has to offer (see itineraries here). On the customized tour, we tailor the preferences of the client and design a tour that best suits the group’s choices, taking into account time and distance to destinations (see here). Both types of tours are charged by the hour for the entire group (up to four people).

– All tours will start and end at the same location – your accommodation or other place of preference. Time will be counted between pick-up and drop-off. 

– We accept all major international credit cards and cash. A 2.5% fee is added to credit card payments.

– The tours do not include meals, entrances and fees to parks and other activities requiring individual payment. Water and snacks are provided.

– Groups with children up to 5 years old must be in safety chairs, as stated by Hawaiian law. Zero CO Tours offers boosters for children 4-7 years old. Parents of children younger than 4 years old should bring their safety chairs.


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